Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Acura RL Coming Soon with RWD and V8?

According to sources in the biz, the 2011 Acura RL may be heading our way with RWD and possibly with a powerful V8 engine. This would be a pivotal moment for Acura's successful model to break into the large-car luxury game. It appears to have a longer hood with the front wheels moved forward, providing pleasing looks with less front overhang. Rear-wheel-drive has also become a likely new addition to the RL's makeup for 2011.

There have also been speculations that Acura will put in a powerful, state-of-the art V8 engine, pegging its output at 420 horsepower. What about fuel economy, you ask? Rest assured that V8 would be matchedwith cylinder deactivation to keep fuel economy respectable. Acura still hasn't unveiled its final RL plans, but we've got our fingers crossed.

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